For lunch. For dinner. For life.

You want to eat well. You know you should. But you’re hungry after a long day, and that refrigerator magnet from the local pizza joint is shining its stuffed-crust beacon right in your face. Meanwhile a small, weak voice inside your head whispers, “Must. Eat. Vegetables.”

Lilah Belle’s can help. Our convenient and affordable meal delivery service offers delicious, ready-made food you’ll feel great about eating. That’s because everything we make is nutritionally balanced. Our creative menus featuring unique flavors, mouthwatering aromas, and visually appealing presentations guarantee you’ll never be bored.

It’s time to enjoy your food, get some time back in your day, and relax in the knowledge that one of the most challenging parts of your day–meal planning and preparation–is now a no-brainer. Just let Lilah Belle’s handle it. All you have to do is enjoy. And chew. Always chew your food.

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Got a lot on your plate?

Lilah Belle’s is a great idea if you’re:

  • ~ A busy professional with little or no time to cook
  • ~ Tired of eating the same take-out week after week
  • ~ Trying to lose weight without sacrificing flavor or nutrition
  • ~ Looking to put nutritious meals on your family’s dinner table
  • ~ A new parent with completely new priorities

About our food

Make an investment in your health

At Lilah Belle’s, we believe that food heals and we’re passionate about bringing that truth into our clients’ lives. It’s simple: eating the right foods leads to a healthier body infused with more energy, and decreases the chances of obesity, heart disease, or high blood pressure.
All of this, combined with our stress-free service, adds up to a priceless combination: freedom, security, nutrition, and convenience. And when you can reap these rewards as effortlessly as we make it, your life gets infinitely better. Spending your food money wisely through Lilah Belle’s isn’t a luxury; it’s a smart, practical way to live in a busy world.

Where kale is King and quinoa is Queen

About Our Food

  • ~ EVERYTHING is made from scratch: sauces, marinades, stocks, salad dressings, rubs, fillings–everything
  • ~ We use seasonal, fresh ingredients year-round so you get the very best organic, locally grown fruit and produce the Bay Area has to offer
  • ~ We preserve the nutrition of ingredients through our cooking methods
  • ~ Our staff of trained chefs prepares meals daily in a modern, professional kitchen, and drivers deliver them to you within hours
  • ~ All meals are portioned so the carbohydrates, fats, non-starchy vegetables, and proteins are balanced
  • ~ While our menu changes weekly, one thing does not:
    All meals are under 500 calories

How to get it

How to get Lilah Belle’s into your life

We make it easy to start eating right, right away. Choose from:
  • ~ Home delivery
  • ~ Retail store
  • ~ Pickup at our kitchen
We also have delicious meals for sale at these locations:
  • ~ Diakadi Body Training and Wellness Center
  • ~ bodyFi Fitness Center
  • ~ SHIFT Cycling and Fitness Center

Special dietary needs

No gluten? No dairy? No worries.

(We have plenty of gluten and dairy free meals to choose from.)

Lilah Belle’s regularly works with clients who have special dietary needs. Whether you want to lose weight, prepare for an athletic event, or follow your doctor’s orders, Chef Traci will eagerly apply her knowledge and love of nutrition to meet your needs. In addition to choosing from our weekly gluten-free and dairy-free options, please don’t hesitate to email or call with any special requests. The challenge is fun for us, and the results are awesome for you.