After twelve successful years, Lilah Belle’s closed on June 2, 2015.  It has been a tremendous honor to cook thousands of nutritious meals and be the leader in the market for so long.  Thank you to every person that has received a delivery or shopped in our stores over the years.  I will miss so many of you.

Thank you –

Traci and the LB Staff


There is a new organic food service called BE YOUR MAXhttp://www.beyourmax.com

Beyourmax makes healthy meals for busy professionals, and families. The meals are made with organic ingredients, and are delivered right to your door – anywhere in the Bay Area! Our menu also changes every week, so you’ll taste new flavors week after week.

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When you order use these discount codes:

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Feel free to forward this email to your friends everywhere in the Bay Area and enjoy healthy, nutritious, and organic meals together.